• lalala ha!
    Tiwani Contemporary
    13 Elsie Femi Pearse Street, Victoria Island
    Lagos, Nigeria
    September 16-November 4, 2023

    lalala ha!, Ogunji's first solo presentation in Lagos, will feature paintings, drawings and performance. Conceptualised as a series of changing vignettes that ebb, flow and accumulate over time, lalala ha! considers the gallery space and its architectural features as an important character in dialogue with the works on display. Ogunji's paintings, drawings and thread move through the space creating a dynamic narrative of forms. Viewers are invited to look up, lie down, move about, return and remember.

    Ogunji will present two artist talks alongside her exhibition. In these conversations she will share influences and frameworks for this show and her larger practice. A programme of performance will accompany the show.

  • A World in Common: Contemporary African Photography
    Curated by Osei Bonsu
    Tate Modern, London
    July 6, 2023-January 14, 2024

    A World in Common considers the ways contemporary artists have used photography and time-based media to reimagine Africa’s cultural and historical narratives. Exploring the dialogue between past and present, the exhibition addresses the innovative ways contemporary African photography challenges perceptions of history, culture, and identity. Focusing on transhistorical themes, the exhibition draws together diverse perspectives on cultural heritage, spirituality, urbanism, and climate emergency to reveal new artistic imaginaries.

  • Cake
    169 Bowery, New York
    May 12 – June 17, 2023

    Artist Talk
    May 13, Saturday, 6pm

  • rivus, 23rd Biennale of Sydney
    Curated by José Roca, Paschal Daantos Berry, Anna Davis, Hannah Donnelly, Talia Linz
    March 12-June 13, 2022

    Rivers, wetlands and other salt and freshwater ecosystems feature in the 23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022), titled rivus, as dynamic living systems with varying degrees of political agency. Indigenous knowledges have long understood non-human entities as living ancestral beings with a right to life that must be protected. But only recently have animals, plants, mountains and bodies of water been granted legal personhood. If we can recognise them as individual beings, what might they say?

    Read the full curatorial statement here

  • the pleasurable, the illegible, the multiple, the mundane
    Curated by Talia Linz
    43 - 51 Cowper Wharf Road, Wolloomooloo, Sydney
    April 29-July 11, 2021

    Delving into personal belief systems as well as broader social frameworks, the pleasurable, the illegible, the multiple, the mundane explores the fabric of our relationships, from the interpersonal to the interplanetary. Here are private rituals, games between lovers, existential thought forms, historical mistruths, perennial riddles. Featuring works by: Boris Achour, Jack Ball, Louise Bourgeois, Ellen Cantor, Carla Cescon, Laurent Grasso, Louise Haselton, Dylan Mira, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Rachel Rose, Fannie Sosa and Jelena Telecki

  • The Power of My Hands
    Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris
    11 Avenue du Président Wilson 75116 Paris
    May 19-August 22, 2021

    As part of the Africa 2020 Season, Angola-based freelance curator Suzana Sousa and Odile Burluraux, curator at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, have chosen for exhibition at MAM a group of works by sixteen women artists from various English- and Portuguese-speaking African countries or the diaspora. The result is an insight into an African contemporary art scene rarely presented in France.

  • Land Escape
    Fridman Gallery
    475 Main Street, Beacon, NY
    May 1 – June 27, 2021

    Fridman Gallery is pleased to announce the inaugural exhibition of its second location — in Beacon, NY. Land Escape brings together new works by Nanette Carter, Athena LaTocha, and Wura-Natasha Ogunji. Each artist works on a special type of paper and builds up the surface using a variety of media to create—rather than represent—landscape.

  • A stranger's soul is a deep well
    Fridman Gallery
    169 Bowery Street, NYC
    January 20-February 20, 2021

    Fridman Gallery presents A stranger’s soul is a deep well, a multidisciplinary exhibition highlighting the work of nine contemporary artists: Ambrose, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Athena LaTocha, Abigail Levine, Nate Lewis, Tyrone Mitchell, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Sahana Ramakrishnan and Matana Roberts.

    A proverb coined by Dostoevsky, the exhibition title refers to the innate mystery of the other. The works on view reflect the artists’ respective interior lives, hidden from the outside gaze and detached from judgements and trends. The title also alludes to the deep polarization of society in our time, with two halves of the populace seemingly living on separate planets.

  • AWARE: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions
    Artist Profile by curator Eva Barois De Caevel

    AWARE: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions is a non-profit Association Loi 1901, co-founded in 2014 and directed by Camille Morineau, curator and art historian, specialising in women artists. “The primary ambition of AWARE is to rewrite the history of art on an equal footing. Placing women on the same level as their male counterparts and making their works known is long overdue.”

    Since its creation in 2014, AWARE has worked to make women artists of the 20th century visible, producing and posting free bilingual (French/English) content about their work on its website.

    The biographies published online largely originate from the Dictionnaire universel des créatrices (Universal dictionary of female creators), published in 2013 thanks to a partnership with the Éditions des Femmes – Antoinette Fouque. This directory brings together women artists born between 1860 and 1972 working in visual arts, with no limitations on medium or country. The partnerships developed with museums, universities and art historians, as well as with sponsors and cultural events in France and abroad have contributed to the development of AWARE’s online database, updated weekly with new artist profiles and research articles.

  • Je suis avant, je suis presque, je suis jamais
    « I am before, I am after, I am never »
    Curated by Ekaterina Shcherbakova
    Parc Saint Leger, Contemporary Art Centre
    September 26, 2020-January 24, 2021