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Action 13: Strut
Action by: Tisa Bryant
Location: Los Angeles, CA

one hundred black women, one hundred actions, a performance of critical actions, gestures and movements by one hundred black women from around the world premiered on April 24, 2010 in Austin, Texas as part of the Fusebox Festival.

Black women were asked to submit an action or gesture of power. These movements were then performed by one hundred black women in east Austin with a simultaneous live outdoor projection in Clarksville. The sites for the performance were chosen due to their significance to the history of Austin and specifically to honor and recognize the history of black people in the city.

Participants discovered and embodied those critical movements and daily actions that describe their own mechanisms for survival, living, and imagining a future. These actions, which included daily actions, repeated gestures, movements invented, or invoked, allow us to be present in our bodies. The project performed movements across borders and geographies to envision a cumulative, collective action translated into a site-specific performance with the weight and critical mass of one hundred black women, thereby invoking shared power and presence.

Photographer: Sonseree Gibson


*%strut%*, action by Tisa Bryant. photo: Sonseree Verdise Gibson
one hundred black women, one hundred actions